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Pedals and Picnics Grazing Boxes

Grazing Boxes

Looking for a unique and delicious picnic experience? Look no further than Pedals and Picnics, where we blend the flavors of international cuisine with the freshest local produce to create a truly unforgettable taste experience.

At Pedals and Picnics, we believe that food is not just fuel for the body, but also a way to connect with different cultures and create lasting memories. That's why we carefully source a mix of international groceries and fresh local produce to create a diverse and exciting menu that will tantalize your taste buds.

Our picnic baskets are filled with a selection of gourmet meat, Cheeses, fruits, nuts, condiments, and desserts that are sure to impress. From our mediterranean-inspired wraps to locally-sourced cheeses, dips, and desserts, every item in our picnic basket has been chosen for its quality and flavour.

So why settle for a boring sandwich and chips when you can have a truly exceptional picnic experience with us?  We can't wait to share our love of great food with you!

Each Box $55
(24 hour notice is required)

To take on your wonderful ride we have four glorious grazing boxes to choose from:

The Riders Breakfast Box

Includes a variety of locally sourced croissants, chocolate croissants, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, apricots, nuts, crackers and dark chocolate, Jaboticaba Jelly and Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese.

The Station Wrap Box

This grazing box is great for lunches this includes homemade wraps, a healthy selection of celery, carrot, grapes, strawberries,
salami, crackers, humus and Tzatziki dips, and sharp and crumbly Cheese.

The Antipasto Trail Box

This is great for the afternoon ride and chill. This consists of Mediterranean style olives, salami, chorizo, mini gherkins, grapes, various crackers, quince paste, double brie and havarti cheese.

 The Tunnel Sweet Box

This box is for the real sweet tooth and is complete donuts, chocolate croissants, chocolate cookies, Tim Tams, lollies, lollypops, chocolate and much, much more. 

* All Grazing Boxes ingredients are subject to change with seasons and availability

Each Box $55
(24 hour notice is required)